Redirect to Custom Page After Registration

How to Redirect to Custom Page After Registration

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On successful registration of a user, WordPress by default shows “Registration Complete. Please check your e-mail.” message. But on a specific project/website you may want your newly registered user to display a custom registration message or you may want to redirect to custom page.

In my opinion, it’s a better idea to redirect users to custom page after registration. This custom page could be a thank you page, welcome page or a page to let know about the confirmation email issues and how to resolve these issues.

Here is a code snippet you can add to your current theme’s functions.php file which will make sure that new users will redirect to custom page after successful registration.

// redirect to custom page after registration
function wcs_registration_redirect() {
    return home_url( '/welcome-page' );
add_filter( 'registration_redirect', 'wcs_registration_redirect' );

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One Reply on "Redirect to Custom Page After Registration"

  1. babzzz

    hi ,

    i would like to know how to redirect the user after registration or login and by user role …
    In my case i have 2 user roles : “employer” and “candidate” that would be really nice if you can show me an example with these.

    i’m a big noob with coding

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